Sam Potts

Sam Potts was born in Harrogate, North Yorkshire in 1981. He attended Ripon Grammar School, where he won the Bruce Oldfield Prize for Art and Design before attending a Foundation Year at Leeds College of Art and Design. 

Moving into figurative painting and considering his options he accepted an offer at Norwich School of Art  where he completed his degree in Fine Art Painting.

Now based in North Yorkshire he is exploring his favoured subject of portraiture.

Sam's Charity

Natalie Roux Bean

Samuel is supporting research into the little known and even less understood functional disorder, Gastroparesis, sometimes called Digestive Tract Paralysis. The existence of this illness was brought to his attention by his friend’s sister Natalie Roux-Bean. Natalie is thirty years old , married with two children. She was a normal healthy young woman until 2010 when she suddenly became unable to eat or drink without considerable pain and vomiting. It took over 18 months to get to a proper diagnosis, an experience shared by many patients. Whilst diabetes and viral infections are a known cause of this condition, for the second largest group of sufferers the cause remains unclear. It is not surprising therefore that management of the symptoms of this condition is often inadequate causing considerable morbidity. Natalie now can no longer tolerate any food or drink directly into her digestive system and relies on being given essential vitamin and minerals intravenously through a line into the artery close to her heart and waits for medical science to come up with some solutions.

This is why she is keen to provide a support forum for other sufferers of this devastating illness and to raise funds for the The Neurogastroenterology Group lead by Professor Qasim Aziz of the Wingate Institute which represents a collaboration of experts, both clinicians and scientists, from several disciplines within the Blizard Institute of Cell and Molecular Science, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, and Barts and The London NHS Trust, who are working together to advance basic scientific study into this disease. Though the main causes of gastroparesis are still a mystery, what is known is that it can attack anyone at anytime, no-one is immune.
Natalie's story can be found at www.helpmeminx.com